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A new feature has been introduced on Le-Coran.com to allow you to memorize the Quran online.
Do you want to learn the Holy Quran in Arabic wherever you are? Our site has added the possibility for you to memorize the Word of Allah online.
Let's discover together how to make our learning even easier.

Le-Coran.com has been facilitating the reading and listening of the Holy Quran in three languages: Arabic, French, and English, with the option to study using phonetics for three years.
Today, a new feature has been introduced on the site: memorization.

To do this, go to the tool,
1. Choose the surah you wish to revise or start learning.
2. Click on the verse you want to hear.
3. Then, start the repetition of the verse or a range of verses by clicking OK.

This way, you will listen to the chosen verse on repeat to memorize the Quran in Arabic with ease. You just need to repeat each verse a given number of times for as long as you feel necessary.

The importance of repetition in learning the Quran is well-established. The more you hear and repeat a verse, the more likely you are to retain it fluently. The benefits are numerous: you will perfect your recitation, pronunciation, and sharpen your listening skills. There is no doubt that memorization is developed with patience and perseverance. With our new feature, we aimed to optimize your ability to learn anytime and anywhere.

No need to carry your Mushaf, a copy of the Quran, with you to work, on business trips, or during leisure or family outings. With your smartphone in your pocket, you can use your commute time to advance in your learning. And your progress will be significant day by day, insha'Allah.

The Quran accompanies you everywhere to promote optimal learning. We only need to practice the teachings learned in this way as our pious predecessors did.

Reported by Imam Ahmad, according to Abu AbdArahman As-Sulami: The Companions of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, who taught us the Quran, told us that they would take ten verses from the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, and would not take another ten until they had learned the knowledge contained in those verses. Thus, we learned the Quran, its knowledge, and applied it at the same time.

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