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You want to learn the Holy Quran but the Arabic language is currently a barrier for you? Are you looking for a way that will lead you to an easy reading of the Quran in Arabic when you don’t yet understand the basics of the language?

Phonetics is one of the first steps towards the clear pronunciation of Arabic for new learners. It is a temporary solution to begin to advance towards the pronunciation of the Quran in Arabic. The English Quran offers you to read the Word of Allah, to Him Purity and Glory, through phonetics as well as many innovative features developed to help you in your reading and learning journey.

Thanks to this system of reproducing Arabic sounds with Latin letters, you will find the pleasure of getting closer to the pronunciation of Quran verses in Arabic. Using phonetics to read and hear the Quran in Arabic is an important and significant step for every faithful beginner who can sometimes be tested with difficulties throughout his path of learning the Book of Allah, as well as anyone interested in the Quran from a perspective outside the practice of Islam! Thanks to phonetics which is very easy to use, you will be able to pronounce the verses of the selected surah on your own. You will be supported by the voice of an Arabic-speaking reciter who will serve as a guide during your reading, so that your pronunciation of the Quran in phonetics is as fluid as possible and as faithful to the true pronunciation, until you begin a next step in your discovery of the Book of Allah: learning to read in Arabic and taste the subtlety of the original language of the Quran, not so easy to translate into English.
Everything in its own time, each at its own pace. The essential thing is to seek the satisfaction of Allah in all our actions, however small, that one does, and to be full of gratitude for the journey made towards him.
He has granted you everything you have asked of him. And if you counted the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to count them. The man is very unfair, very ungrateful. Surah 14 Verse 34

A better pronunciation to learn better

We offer you on our website the possibility to read in phonetics as the answer to the needs of our brothers and sisters in the different situations they encounter and which we have found in rich exchanges with our users. Indeed, the phonetic Quran is the most widely used means by non-Arab-speaking believers to get used to the pronunciation of the Quran in the language of revelation. The goal of the English Quran is therefore to provide the necessary tools to facilitate the Muslim community’s access to a modern and functionally rich version of the Word of Allah to make its understanding and memorization easy. It should be remembered that phonetics, by its limits, should nevertheless serve exclusively as a first contact with the Quran for non-Arabic speakers and not as a permanent alternative. Thus, you will avoid the risk that its use will become established in the life of the believer as the only means of reading the Quran and you will not deprive yourself of a fine understanding of the meaning of one’s words.

More than being an obligation - which would cause it to feel like a burden over time more than anything else, especially when one does not grasp the essence of its content – reading the Quran is a process of improving our relationship with Allah, the Most High. Being consistent in reading the Book of Allah revealed to His Messenger, is a means of attaining His reward and succeeding in living a meaningful life by understanding what Allah wants from us, what He has prepared for us, how He guards this world and His Creation, and all the lessons that are drawn from it by reading it. Reading the Quran is therefore not a purpose in itself, but rather a path towards a greater purpose. It is the beginning of a spiritual discovery, while being an act of worship, a means of getting closer to Allah and obtaining His Satisfaction.
I only created the Jinn and men to worship Me. Surah 51 Verse 56
Quran-online encourages you greatly to learn to read Arabic. Let us not forget that the first concern of every Muslim should be making sure that his prayer is valid and in conformity with the Islamic recommendations related to it. In fact, one of the teachings we must follow in our prayer is directly related to the topic of phonetics. In deed, the recitation of surah al Fatiha, repeated at every prayer unit, must be made in Arabic.
What a beautiful source of motivation for you to learn Arabic!
The pronunciation of verses in Arabic with the help of phonetics is therefore a means of achieving one of the most important goals in our lives: Prayer.
Praying in the language of revelation, which is a crucial condition for the validation of your prayer, is therefore an initiative to bring you closer to the correct pronunciation of the verses of the Holy Quran. It is also an accepted way to avoid pronunciation errors that changes the meaning of Arabic words. Indeed, learning Arabic as quickly as possible serves to prevent the believer from inadvertently committing a sin during his reading. The Muslim can indeed insult his Lord without realizing it, just because of a mispronunciation.
Every little step that the believer takes increases his value in the eyes of the Almighty, the One who facilitates whom He wills and when He wills to advance on his right path. From small goals to small goals one walks towards a greater goal: to obtain the Satisfaction of Allah and His Paradise.
Once the language is well spoken, the interest in understanding the words read in Arabic will grow by itself in the believer and the will to enjoy a perfect understanding of the verses of the Quran will be felt. Of course, this search for understanding must also be provoked, valued and requested by the reader.
According to a prophetic tradition brought close by Muslim, Abu Dharr, may Allah accept him, reports that the Messenger of Allah said to him: Allah the Sublime says: He who comes with a blessing will be rewarded ten times and I multiply it even more, and he who commits a wrongdoing will be rewarded one wrongdoing and I also forgive him more. He who approaches Me by a span, I will approach him by a cubit, if he approaches Me by walking I will approach him by running, and he who will meet Me with the weight of the land of sins, without him associating anything with Me, I will meet him with as much forgiveness.
(Sahih Muslim)

Therefore, may all believers not lose sight of their primary goal: to feel on earth the satisfaction of their Creator by learning to read the Quran and to pray correctly, in order to meet Him on the Day of the Resurrection satisfied with us. Tell yourself that in just a few hours of effort, you will be able, using phonetics, to recite the verses of the Holy Quran correctly to at least validate your prayer, and obtain its rewards, by the Will of Allah. And He, Purity to Him, is capable of anything. Nothing makes His Power despair, nothing must make someone despair.
Not only is the Quran in phonetics functionality alternative for non-Arabophones to read the Quran, but it is also a precious help to learn the surahs as they were revealed in order to know some bits of Quran in addition to the Fatiha and recite in prayer. In this perspective of memorizing new surahs for your prayers, the partition of the Quran in Juz and Hizb is also available in phonetics: an effective combination of two functionalities for the novice learner.
Many begin with the learning of Juz 'amma. The last two Hizbs of the Quran that make up this Juz are, in fact, an inexhaustible source of benefits: teachings on the theme of the revelation of the Quran and spiritual resources for every Muslim. The short size of the surahs of this Juz combined with the rich wisdom emanating from our Lord makes it a good starting point for any consistent study of the Quran.

We believe that Quran in phonetics online can be the key to anyone who does not know how to read Arabic yet. And the more you will move forward in your reading, understanding and learning journey, the more you will see your motivation and desire to learn about Islam in the language of revelation strengthened.

We make phonetics available to you hoping that it will be a temporary starting point in your learning and that this reading system will meet your desire to learn.

It is a privilege that Quran-online.com is pleased to offer you.

May Allah, El Wadoud, The Affectionate, El Hakim, The Wise, accept our efforts to learn to know Him, and our will to move towards Him step by step. May He make us among his sincere servants who take the Quran, His Word, as their guide in life, and for the sole purpose of worshipping Him without anything associated with Him.

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