Search a surah or verse in the Holy Quran (English or Arabic)


Using this tool, you will get to search for a Surah from a Verse of your choice or find a Verse from a few words of the Quran in English or Arabic.

In order to make your Quran learning journey easier, a search engine has also been made available for you on A practical and efficient tool to move forward on the path of the discovery of Islam, for all muslims and non-muslims.

Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every muslim. And what support could guide us better towards our common goal of acquiring this knowledge than the Quran, the Word of God Himself?

Using this functionality is quite simple. All you have to do is type the at least one keyword you wish to find in the Holy Quran in the search engine frame provided. A list of clickable verses will appear along with the name of the surahs corresponding to facilitate your selection. You can also narrow down your search by adding several keywords (separated by commas).

You can find a verse from a keyword or a surah from a verse written in English or Arabic. The searched keywords will be highlighted in bold type in every verse written in English and translated in Arabic.

The Right Path, Sirat al Mustaqeem, is the path taken by scholars, students et muslims who strive to seek guidance from Our Creator.

Using this search functionality, proofs of what Allah, The Most Merciful, promised as well as glad tidings and warnings He exhorts us to listen to are made easy to find for everyone.

Allah Ta'aala gives the Light to whom He wills.

May we be part of the righteous, who are enlightened by the Light of Allah on their path towards Him, the right path.